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Application Instructions


The National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassador Application has 7 parts.
  • PART I: Applicant Information
  • PART II: School Information
  • PART III: Extracurricular, Volunteer and Shooting Sports Activities
  • PART IV: Personal Statement
  • PART V: Transcripts
  • PART VI: Recommendations (Download form here)
  • PART VII: Acknowledgement

Submit this application as soon as possible, no later than October 1, 2019.

Note - If you are one of the top 20 finalists you will be required to submit a 2-5 minute video for the application.

Grading Criteria:

  • Cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale. This helps to show students are dedicated, and have a good work ethic.
  • Extracurricular Activities. These show a student’s leadership ability and experience, the ability to plan and balance time, varied interests, and determine if a student is active in their community.
  • Personal Statement. The personal statement should give a new glimpse into a student’s personality and their desire to come to be a NRA youth ambassador that cannot be garnered from the other parts of the application. Students should also share what it is that they hope to gain from this experience, and how it could impact them and/or others.
  • References. The reference from those that know a student allow for the application committee to see a different perspective on the student, and to hear about how a student interacts with others.

Before You Apply Online:

  • Prepare all required attachments (PART V, VI, VII) before you apply online, you will be required to upload each attachment (as PDFs or scanned image files) when you're ready to apply online. Please provide your full name on attachments.
  • Download the Recommendation Letter form (PART VI: Recommendations) here.
  • Part VII: Acknowledgement, must be checked.

Ready to Apply Online:

Submit application no later than October 1, 2019

If you are experiencing difficulties submitting, please email [email protected] by midnight October 1st. Thank You.

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