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Christian D. Miller

Youth Organization

Royal Rangers


Cincinnati, Ohio 


 College Freshman


Vanderbilt University 

Shooting Discipline

 3-Gun, smallbore .22, archery, blackpowder, centerfire rifle, trap

Shooting Experience

Shot both Trap and Skeet at the Fairfield Sportsmen’s Association Hot Shots Program. Shot Trap competitively on Fairfield Sportsmen’s Association “Lead Slingers” Team. Shot .22LR at Miami Rifle and Pistol Club. Coached .22LR at Miami Rifle and Pistol Club. Completed NRA/Winchester Advancement for both Small-bore rifle and Trap. Competed in numerous Royal Rangers events pertaining to blackpowder, archery, and BB-gun. Assisted the Royal Rangers, 4-H, and the NWTF with junior BB-gun competitions. Completed NRA courses for both pistol and blackpowder. Participated in NWTF Ohio Top Ten Hunt. I frequently hunt and enjoy recreational shooting whenever I get the opportunity.


Camping, fishing, hiking, hunting/shooting, sailing, debate and reading.

Future Plans

I plan to attend medical school after completing my undergraduate degree in economics at Vanderbilt University. 

Want To Know More

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